Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Photos OMG!!! Of University of Ibadan student sent her b@throom photos to her lecturer for marks.

At times, I get baffled over the things girls do these days. Ok let's take it from the moral point of view, why would a girl who is morally and properly brought up send nude photos to any man? From academic point, even if the lecturer awards you unmerited marks (after making out with you of-course), what kind of product will you be in the society like ours?

Girl should please think twice before they act. You were sent to the University to study not to sleep around with lecturers for marks.

A 200L Business Administration student of University of Ibadan, Caro sent her n@aked b@throom photos to her lecturer for marks and it got l3@k3d whatsapp.
                                 CLICK HERE TO VIEW PHOTOS
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