Friday, May 8, 2015

How To Block Unwanted Apps From Accessing Internet (android Phones)

Android, is it possible to block Unwanted Apps from Accessing Internet ? Many apps will often connect to remote servers in the background, including Google’s own apps or system services. Over time this can eat away at a user’s data limit set by a mobile carrier. Does Android allow an app to act as a firewall whereby the user can select which apps have access to the Internet? Or does the device have to be rooted to have that ability?

Here is a way out ,you don not need to root your phone ,to use this process.

Android users living in countries where internet data plan is expensive to turn on/off mobile data periodically. This is to prevent background apps and the so-called unseen forces from draining their data unnecessarily. As an Android user, I must admit that switching your mobile data off/on all the time isn’t comfortable and you tend to get messages late or even miss (emails, Whatsapp, BBM, snapchat etc). In this tutorial I’l guide you on how to configure an app (called Mobiwol) that will allow you block all unwanted (background, seen and the unseen) applications from accessing the internet on your Android devices.

This app is 100% FREE, v.easy to use and you don’t have to root your device before u can use.

Mobiwol is a firewall app for Android devices that allows you to block unwanted apps from accessing internet. It gives you the power to decide which apps to deny internet access to, also allows you to pick if you want to block WiFi access only, block data access only, or block both WiFi and data access.

Follow the steps below to setup Mobiwol and easily block Unwanted Apps from Accessing Internet :

Logon to Google Playstore download Mobiwol or download and install Mobiwol here or alternatively here. By default Mobiwol allows WiFi and mobile data access to all apps. You will have to decide which apps to deny internet and which type of internet access to deny (either WiFi or Mobile data).
Below are the pictures of how i block Unwanted Apps from Accessing Internet , I blocked Mobile internet access for all apps at once, then I manually allowed internet access for the necessary apps (BBM, Whatsapp, Email, etc). To do this, Open Mobiwol, click on “Firewall Rules” press the menu button on your device, choose mobile and select ‘Block All Mobile’

Next is to manually select which apps to access the internet. simply go into Mobiwol’s “Firewall Rules” and tap the Data icon for the app you want to allow internet access for.
That’s all you need to do, the rules have been set.


There is no save button, all changes are applied as you change them. Once you have completed the steps above ensure the firewall status is switched on.
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