Saturday, April 25, 2015

Get Airtel Free 500MB, 1GB or 2GB Without Stress (Tweaking Imei Not Required)

Get Airtel free Megabytes/Gigabytes without any stress, this doesn’t required imei tweaking, you don’t need to have airtime on your account and you can use any type of mobile phone to get it done. It is working for any Airtel SIMs. All you need is to dial the simple codes below and your free Megabytes/Gigabytes will be smiles to you.
Without wasting much time, follow the below simple instruction to get it done.
Just text JOIN to 141
Note: You may not get any reply after you dial the codes, just dial *123*133# to check your free Megabytes/Gigabytes balance/valid date.
For more free Airtel Data, simply tweak your Android phone imei with:
IMEI: 360887201752233 or 358429060451027
After succeeded in Imei tweaking
Then, text JOIN to 141
Try it continuously till you accomplished your mission.
If you are new to imei tweaking, kindly check out this: link will be posted soon
No dulling guys!
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