Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Etisalat PayG Tutorial

This is a comprehensive guide to maximum utilization of the etisalat payG plan.
I know there are a lot of threads about this but i just wanna share how i have been using mine.

In previous threads we have heard about using two sims and transferring credit and all of that.

we wont be doing any of that shii here.

1.Get your sim on easycliq so that you recieve free mb when you recharge. Subscribe to the payg plan.*229*5*7#
2.Recharge N100, they give you 5mb or 10mb depending.
3.Start your browsing, preferrably downloading.
4.They usually reset the connection at 55mins, so ur download will most likely stop at that time.
5.Just disconnect or switch of your data and then reconnect. No need for codes.
6.After another 55mins, do the same again.
This can be used for days with the initial N100 still intact. Your free 10mb will be reduced to 0.48mb and that will reduce by 10kb after each cycle.
The trick here is to AVOID HTTP://YOUTUBE.COM
When you load that site, even by mistake, the mb will dissapear and your credit will start reading.
Good luck.

Edit: http://cnn.com also zaps the mb buh im sure that you guys dont need that site. Also avoid all streaming sites and apps, as some users confirmed it lethal.
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