Thursday, April 23, 2015

Etisalat New Hourly unlimited Browsing For #15

After a long time of Surfing the Etisalat PayG IT HAS BEEN BLOCKED
There is a saying that say if one way block any another will open
welcome to what i call Etisalat Unlimited Hours

Still Flexing with the Etisalat SS Tweak though

Just follow this steps and see urself Downloading heaven on earth that as if u can o
==>Dial *200#
==> And migrate to easy starter
==> Migrate again to easy life by dialing *620*1#and
==>Opt in by dialing *229*3*7# ... You can opt out with *227*0#..
Note: this is a very Important part
Make sure you opt out immediately after you subscribed to it because it will be auto renewed and if you don't mind you can leave it. ur remaining balance go pay for ur sins LOL!

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